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African Home Decor - African Baskets - African Masks - African Textiles

Welcome to the African Marketplace. We feature a wide selection of Handmade Imported African Decor & Accessories from a variety of African Artisans. We have so many unique pieces, you are sure to find just the perfect accent for any room in your home!

Cultures International Showroom located in Pasadena, CA

Cultures International – Importers of African Art & Home Décor.

African decor, featuring African pillows and African textiles.Here at, you will experience the union of contemporary and ancient African arts, crafts and furnishings richly immersed in African tradition and offering a strong sense of African history, quality and uniqueness. You will find intricately handcrafted African textiles, African wall-hangings, embroidery, African pottery, African home decor, accessories, furnishings, African sculpture, copper art, drums, shields, museum quality and collectible Zulu baskets, African masks, African jewelry and much more.

Cultures showcases the richness and diversity of African art and African home decor from many parts of Africa, such as Mali, Ghana, Burkina Faso, Kenya, South Africa, Niger, Mozambique, Congo, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Gabon, Namibia, Swaziland and more. The African artisan has always based functionality and aestheticism on an equal level whether crafting an item for personal adornment, ritualism, utilitarian use, or as an object of art.

There is much more to come as we continue to explore Africa finding unique African art, textiles, and home decor, and collaborating with the African artisan and with growing African businesses

African PotteryPlease browse our website as we begin to share this living African art and home decor with you, via For those who cannot visit our showroom in Pasadena, please visit our site often, as we will always share new African art and have new stories to tell about Africa and our in-store events.









African Art & Home Decor by Cultures International

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