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African Adinkra Symbol By God's Grace - Wood Carved Wall Plaque

$ 29.00

Adinkra Symbols are African Proverbs based in Akan and other West African cultures. These symbols handcrafted in Ghana, are found in many forms, but this beautiful Wood Plaque is my favorite. It can either be placed on a stand as seen in the photo or it can be placed on the wall, there is an opening in back for this purpose. You will see this in the photos of other Adkinra Symbol listings, but I forgot to take a photo of the back of this one.


Symbol of faith and trust in God

The stalk is depicted as the staff of life and it symbolizes to the Akan tha food is a basis of life and that they could not survive if not for the food that God has placed on earth for their nourishment.

The above is according to the Adinkra Dictionary

Approximate Dimensions: 12" L X 12" W X 3/4" Depth

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