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African Art Ndebele Wall Hangings 21"W X 77" Each - Set of 2

$ 219.00

Handmade in Kwa-Zulu Natal (Zululand) South Africa, this vintage wall hanging was made by women at a church project I worked with while in South Africa.

The amber background sets off the reds and purples in this unique Wallhanging.

There is a pocket at the top and a pocket at the bottom to easily insert a rod, as I did in the photo above. These are two separate Wall-Hangings as shown in the photo. I have placed them side by side.

This wall hanging is 100% Cotton, Hand-painted and Machine Washable.

You will save on price and shipping if you purchase these two wall hangings as a set as shown above. Price listed is for both Wall-Hangings.

Approximate Dimensions: 21" W X 77" L Each or 42"W X 77"L

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