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African Batik Textile Turtle, Fish, Guinea Fowl,Tribal Design Green Gold White

$ 85.00

This vintage batik is handmade in Zimbabwe using traditional natural dyes and fabrics bringing elements of the earth as well as, abstract guinea fowl, fish, turtle and tribal design symbols. This batik in the dominant color of green also has white, brown, gold accents, is bordered with black strips over sand colored design.

This style of batik is somewhat different than most as each artist has their own style.

The symbols and images throughout the traditional Zimbabwe Batik, show the individual artist's perception of art and their environment.

This handwoven and hand painted batik has all the elements of a handmade item which makes it perfectly unique rather than the perfection of machine.

It will work great as a wall hanging, tapestry, throw, framed, or any other interesting way you would like to use it.

Approximate Dimensions 36" W X 58" L

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