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African Batik Tribal Abstract Colors Charcoal Apricot Colors 60"W X 118"L Handmade Zimbabwe

$ 169.00

This vintage batik is handmade in Zimbabwe using traditional sadza batik methods. Sadza is maize porridge and it as used making the batik. Colors in this abstract Batik are Ripe Apricot and Charcoal.

What makes these batiks unique is that they are one of a kind and totally the vision of the artist. There may be a similar one but no two are alike.

This Batik is 100% Cotton and can be safely washed. The fabric is thicker than most of the sheeting batiks, the design is intricate and it is rare to find an abstract batik without animals, foliage or other earth elements, making this item even more unique.

The beautiful item looks great as a wall hanging, tapestry, bedspread, it can be used as fabric or wrapped as a dress.

Approximate Dimensions 60" W X 118" L

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