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African Beaded Picture Mat Tribal Handwoven 10" X 8" in South Africa

$ 75.00

Handwoven in a Township in South Africa at the turn of the century, I purchased these items directly from the artists as well as from their cooperative, but only when I met and spent time with the artist.

Vivid, rich color of green beads are woven as a base with striking white white images of tribal homes and family, are the focal point of this artist's design. As it is beaded free-hand through and through, one side is the opposite of the other making each an original side.

These are new, vintage picture, i.e. purchased at the turn of the century and unused.

This intricately woven beaded art can be framed, sewn onto a textile, used as a mat and many other uses that may work for you. It's also perfect placed on a table or bench.

Approximate Dimensions: 10" H X 8" W

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