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African Fabric 6 Yards+ Green, Bone, Chocolate, Cotton African Hut and Abstract Design

$ 175.00

This luxurious 6 yard + African Print Fabric is 46" Width, colorful and thick.

Colors: Vivid Forest Green, Bone, Dark Chocolate, Moss Green

One 6 yard fabric can be used to wrap as a traditional African Wrap Dress, wrapped and worn without sewing. This fabric is top quality for clothing, home decor, quilting and other decorative uses.

I purchased this Ethnic De Woodin Fabric Collection in South Africa in 2001 & 2002; I'm told it is a collaboration between Africa and Holland.

This fabric is 100% Cotton - Unwaxed

I've been told by customers that they've washed this fabric and it is either wrinkle free or very little wrinkling and not necessary to iron.

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