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African Fabric 6 Yards+ Turquoise, White, Black, Abstract Designer

$ 175.00

This 6 yard + African Print Fabric is 46" Width, colorful and thick.

Colors: Turquoise, White, Black

One 6 yard fabric can be used to wrap as a traditional African Wrap Dress, wrapped and worn without sewing. This fabric is top quality for clothing, home decor, quilting and other decorative uses.

I purchased this Ethnic De Woodin Fabric Collection in South Africa in 2001 & 2002; it was a collaboration between Africa and Holland, which is why it's often referred to as Hollandais. There are very few of these designs available as my place of purchase in South Africa no longer exists; the manufacturer was purchased a few years ago and the fabric is very different. This, the original Vlisco Fabric is pure quality.

This fabric is 100% Cotton - Unwaxed

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