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African Kuba Cloth Raffia Cowrie Shells Museum Quality Textile in Charcoal & Wine-Congo D.R.C. Zaire 29"W X 132"L

$ 2,865.00

Vintage - Kuba Cloth - Handwoven in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Kuba Cloth, which once was used as currency, is often given as Lobola (part of the dowry payment to the family of the bride), in special ceremonies, and as symbols of wealth.

The Big Matuma is a very special collectible Kuba. It is a rare, collectible vintage Kuba Cloth, handwoven using raffia and intricately hand sewn cowrie shells. It's intricate and meticulous knotting framing is a special part of this charcoal colored raffia textile bordered in wine colored raffia.

The condition is excellent. When special textiles and ceremonial creations are passed down in families, they are often kept in excellent condition, just as in my shop. I have had them for over 20 years, and as they were in my warehouse they are still in the good condition that the Congolese family I purchased them from, gave them to me. Sometimes, it's said that items have to be torn or broken to be old; this is not the case. Just as the quilts I have from my grandmother are in excellent condition, so have the people of the Congo kept these very special objects intact as they are important. Of course there will be some discoloration, looseness, and some fraying of the cloth, but not very much.

Approximate Dimensions: 29" X 132"

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