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African Nguni Cowhide Skin Carpet Black and White - South Africa

$ 1,895.00

The subtle tones of black, charcoal and brown on the natural off white skin of the Nguni are of course the natural colors of the cow.

Hides make a great carpet, throws or wall hanging. It is heavy as any cow hide would be. There is so little maintenance that I've enjoyed my Nguni skin for over 12 years as an area carpet on hardwood floors. A little shaking and sweeping is all that's needed.

Nguni is the cowhide that is used to make the traditional Zulu War Shields by the Zulu People in Kwa Zulu Natal, South Africa.

This AAA Grade Nguni hide has been tanned, treated according to regulations required to export and has passed all regulations and inspections for entrance to the U.S.

Approximate Dimensions: 104" X 92"

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