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African Olive Wood Ceremonial Bowls Spoon Shaped Hand Carved 3 Zimbabwe

$ 275.00

These vintage ceremonial bowls were hand carved in Zimbabwe and are another example of the excellent carving skills in Zimbabwe. The spoon shape of these bowls are to scoop and serve at ceremonial events. The long handles are made to reach out to the group as you are serving. Intricately carved tribal designs are made on the handles and holes are at the top for hanging the bowls when not in use. They also sit upright on the table as serving vessels.

The natural beauty of the olive wood enhances this work. These spoon bowls are beautiful displayed or used. They are ready for hanging and would work well for framing or to bring a touch of Africa when you're serving.

These bowls are unique, hand crafted and in great condition. I am so against broken items items that have been buried to look older, being shown as vintage and antique. Think of the items you may have from your grandparents or that have been passed down in your family when you see items for sale.

Price is for all 3 Bowls in this Listing, they are not sold separately.

Approximate Dimensions:
Bowl 1 17.25" L X 4.0" W X 2.5" H
Bowl 2 17.00" L X 5.5" W X 2.5" H
Bowl 3 15.50" L X 4.5" W X 3.5" H

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