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African Zulu Tribal Married Woman's Headdress Red Isicholo Vintage 20th Century

$ 560.00

This Vintage Isicholo hat, proudly worn by a Zulu tribal woman, relays to everyone that the wearer is no longer among the unmarried women, that she is mature and belongs to a new stage of life, that of the married woman. It is also a sign of respect to her husband.

This headdress is made by weaving a base of dried grass to form a wide base which becomes the middle of the hat, then the red ochre pigment cotton fabric is woven and sewn to make the unique wide shape. As it it woven down to the part that will be left open for wearing, black cotton fabric has been added for comfort and to form a scarf to tie the hat securely. The fabric is intricately knotted to form the raised tail of the hat and upholstery pins/thumbtacks, that were very popular to use during that era, form designs around the hat.

As the photos show, this hat has been well worn and is a mid-20th century headdress. The last two photos show the hat standing alone, without the stand.

The custom iron stand will be included in your order at no additional cost.

Approximate Dimensions: 5" H X 18" D Height With Stand - 12.5"

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