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Bamileke Feather Headdress Hat Cameroon - Vintage Royal Purple 30"D 88"C

$ 350.00

The Bamileke Tribal Headdress Hat is traditionally worn by Royal Dancers during special ceremonies held by the tribal chief. It was often worn to top off the beaded Elephant Mask in these ceremonies.

This traditional headdress was intricately hand-crafted by the Bamileke people in Cameroon, using the feathers of chickens and wild guinea fowl which have been colored using natural organic dyes. A rich Royal Purple is the outcome of this Bamileke treasure which opens to a beautiful 88" Circle (circumference).

Each feather quill is carefully wrapped and encased in a black silk-like fabric and sewn onto a strong raffia basket base, making it easy to fold closed or to open as a quickly blossoming flower.

This Bamileke Hat is mid-20th century and authentically vintage, which is why they are not available to order. There are many vendors in Africa that will make the hats to order, but I am very attached to the culturally original hats that have actually been used in ceremonies and that I purchase while in Africa.

The Bamileke Tribal Headdress has become a star in western interior design. It is the height of chic on a wall and fabulous opened on a table.

This headdress can be closed, accordion style, the string is wrapped around it and it usually carried under the arm. You will receive this item folded closed as in the photo above and it’s easily opened. Do Not Cut Any String as it will be the string that is shown in the photo and is a part of the headdress to wrap closed.

Approximate Dimensions: 30” D 13-1/2” H Closed 7”H Open
88" C Open

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