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Vintage African Malachite Jewelry Box 2"H X 4.5"D X 14.5"C Congo

$ 310.00

This unique round vintage malachite jewelry box is handcrafted in the Democratic Republic of the Congo using malachite gemstone with the sides inlaid onto bronze. In one of the photos above you will see small 1.5" section where the inlaid malachite is missing. On the photo it looks as the area is white but it is clearly the bronze box and looks exactly like the other bronze as it is the same box. It is my photographic skills that make it look different.

The color of this item is a rich green and beautiful. Although it's used as a jewelry box, it has many other uses for your special items.

Approximate Dimensions: 2" H X 4.5" D X 14.5" C (Measurement around box)

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