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Vintage Kuba Cloth Geometric African Textile -Congo 21" X 140"

$ 325.00

Vintage - 20th Century Kuba Cloth - Handwoven in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Kuba Cloth, which once was used as currency, is often given as Lobola (part of the dowry payment to the family of the bride), in special ceremonies, and as symbols of wealth. While in Africa, I was told this type of Kuba is made for the King to walk on when he comes to the village. This is done as a form of admiration and respect.

Kuba Cloth is traditionally woven by the men using raffia. The applique is not only for beauty, but to strengthen the fabric after it has been pounded for softness. Another unique part of the Kuba Cloth is that it is stitched on the side that is to be shown or used. For instance if we made a tablecloth here, we would stitch on the underside and any design would be on top. Kuba is just the opposite.

This natural, charcoal and orange Kuba Cloth is showing signs of age which adds to it's beauty. When special textiles and ceremonial creations are passed down in families, they are often kept in excellent condition.

This cloth has signs of it's age as there are some frayed edges and loosening of the fabric and some discoloration which I have attempted to show in the photo, but what a work of art.

Compare to some other Kuba Cloth you may see online and you will notice that this is actually vintage cloth and not the new.

There are many uses for Kuba Cloth such as ottomans and pillows and they are fabulous either mounted as one piece or with several of these cloths hanging together. Many people use them as table runners.

Approximate Dimensions: 21" X 140"

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