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Vintage Zulu Isichumo Lidded Basket 10" X 41"C

$ 949.00

Uniquely handwoven from the Ilala Palm and Grass, these beautiful Isichumo Zulu Baskets are used to store and carry liquid and are made in Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa using all natural materials. The lid of this basket makes it a little different than the Ukhamba, as the lid fits over the top rather than inside the top. This Bottle Top Basket is also one of the most sought after baskets by collectors.

This basket is made using the local Ilala Palm grass and leaves. The natural color is beige and other beautiful colors are created using natural dyes from bark, leaves, berries, clay and roots. The grass swells with the moisture, making the basket watertight.

Zulu baskets are an integral part of the Zulu culture and customs that almost disappeared with the introduction of enamel, tin and plastic, and they are now used mostly in the very rural areas. Authentic traditional Zulu baskets are a rare find at this time. 

Decorative baskets are made for special ceremonial events such as Marriage, Harvest, Fertility, Birth Celebrations, and as gifts for family or special friends.

Please notice the tightness of the very small coils, as smaller, tighter weave is an indication of authenticity and the quality and collectability of the basket.

The Zulu have other beautiful vessels dedicated to beer, such as the beautifully made clay Zulu Beer Pots.

Diamonds represent Femininity Daughters or female cows
Two Diamonds one above the other Married Woman

Triangles represent Masculinity Sons or bull calves
Two Triangles forming an hour-glass Married Man

Zigzag repeat Pattern Regiments of War-Assegais -Shields of Shaka or Lightening

Approximate Dimensions: 10" H X 41" C

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