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African Fabric Classics 20 Items total

Vintage Classic African Fabrics - These authentic, classic, African Fabrics were designed in the Netherlands and West Africa, by premier African Fabric designers at the Vlisco Group which includes, Vlisco, Woodin, GTP, and Uniwax. Designed and manufactured in Ghana, Ivory Coast and the Netherlands. Also represented here are authentic classic fabrics from the former Sotiba Fabrics of Senegal.

100 Per Cent Cotton Waxed and Non-Waxed.

Handpicked and purchased while in Africa in the late 20th Century through 2001.  We call it Vintage New because the fabrics are Vintage based on when they were purchased (most have not been for sale), and New because they are in their original unused condition after being warehoused here in the USA. The unique patterns are not recent, the quality is superior, as fabric is no longer made in the same way just as most U.S. fabrics are not made as they were years ago when everything was not stretch.

WE DO NOT CUT FABRIC, it comes in the same yardage as is shown in each listing, exactly as it was purchased. Fabrics are 4-12 yards with most being 6 yards.

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