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About Cultures

Welcome to Cultures International where you will experience the union of contemporary, traditional and ancient African Art, Home Décor, Sculpture,Textiles, Jewelry, Masks, Utilitarian Objects and much more.

Our Mission is to showcase the richness and diversity of African Artisan work, while highlighting that there is art in everything in Africa. If you cook with it, eat with it, drink beer from it, use it as a weapon or live in any way with it, there is art in it. From carving, weaving, painting, sewing and other artistic means, the unique stamp of family identity, tribal culture and individuality is placed on objects used in everyday life as well as ceremonial functions. 

Function and aestheticism are on equal levels when crafting an item for personal adornment, ritualism or utilitarian use.

We are proud to bring this fusion of traditional African art and home decor as well as products that I have collaborated on with the artisans using traditional textiles, patterns and design from silk, and leather to Kuba Cloth, uniquely handmade lighting and more. As well as the antiques and traditional items, contemporary works on this site are works I have personally chosen while in Africa, working directly with families, individuals and cooperatives, as well as providing the funds to produce the contemporary works. An example is vintage Kuba Cloth from the Congo used in making ottomans. All work is handcrafted in Africa.

Enjoy our online tour of African Treasures and find a touch of Africa to add to your decor.

 See these beautiful designs Handmade in Zimbabwe in our Batik Collection. 



 Making Batiks in the backyard in Zimbabwe, drawing, painting design and drying process. Preparing food for delivery to the elderly in Zimbabwe.


When you shop at Cultures International, you become a partner in supporting independent artists, families, craftspeople and cooperatives that are contributing to community development and the preservation of African cultural heritage.


            Pottery in South Africa

    Shona Artist carving stone in Zimbabwe

In Mpumalanga with School Children and Victoria at her Home for Orphans of Aids Victims


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