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Batiks Zimbabwe 20 Items total

Finding Sadza Batiks Handmade in Zimbabwe during my time in Africa was a very special discovery. One family and neighbors design and handcraft the bulk of our beautiful batika in their back yard.  You will notice them by their very traditional look and 100% cotton fabrics that they call back-weave and sheeting. The sheeting fabric is lighter in weight and similar to fabric for sheets, although once they are died and painted they take on a stronger texture. The other 100% cotton textiles are called back-weave which has a thicker weave. The closest textile I can compare back-weave to is Mud Cloth from Mali although the back-weave batiks of Zimbabwe are a tighter more refined weave and have a slightly lighter texture. All of our Batiks with Fringe are Back-Weave; we also have back-weave without fringe.  The textile on the cover page of this category is back-weave.

Sadza is a maize porridge and is used in the making of the batik, as some batik makers in others areas use wax.

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