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African Batik Pillow Tribal Fish 18" X 18"

$ 29.00

African Batik Pillow Cover, handcrafted in Zimbabwe. This unique, traditional tribal pillow was made and signed with the initials of the artist. More of his work is shown in this shop in larger wall hangings and tablecloths. With a basic painted color of blue, the abstract tribal designs and the fish floating on blue are rainbow colors of red, orange, white, green, and purple. The art continues on the back with blue and green foliage. There is an envelope opening in the back for ease of placing a pillow insert.

The artist uses the Zimbabwean method of sadza, a local porridge, in making these batiks, just as all of the batiks from Zimbabwe are made in this shop. I've actually had the sadza, under the name of pap, with cassava leaves and dried fish (yum). As this item is made by an individual artist and not a group given a pattern to make, each work of art is unique.

As with many works of art in this shop, this is an unused vintage item, which I call vintage new.


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