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African Batik Zimbabwe 37" X 60" - Elephant Fish Guinea Fowl in Abstract Blue Gold White

$ 85.00

The Elephant, Guinea Fowl and Fish are highlighted, surrounded by traditional abstract Zimbabwean design. The colors are Blues, Gold and White

What makes the batiks in my shop unique is that they are one of a kind and totally the vision of the artist. There may be a similar one but no two are alike. This happens because in Zimbabwe, I have always purchased from the individual artist and families who make the batiks as a group and as a small family run home-based business.

This design is the work of a lady in Zimbabwe who's son I met in South Africa. What I didn't realize until I was in Zimbabwe, was that the great artist he told me about was his mother, who gave me the full story of his birth as well as showing me her beautiful creations.

This Batik is 100% Cotton and can be safely washed. This batik has a nice firm weight.

The beautiful item looks great as a wall hanging, tapestry, framed, or any interesting use you may have for it..

Approximate Dimensions 37" W X 60" L

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