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African Beaded Cell Phone Holder Bag Red & White Long Shoulder Strap Handcrafted South Africa

$ 48.00

This beautiful shoulder bag/clutch/cell phone holder was originally made as a cell phone holder by Xhosa women in a Township in South Africa. As art and beauty are in every aspect of life in Africa, when the need for cell phone holders/carriers became apparent, the women began using their traditional tribal beading techniques and designs to make these bags beautiful as well as functional. The long strap can be worn on one shoulder, or over the head with hands free. It's just right for lipstick and keys along with a cell phone.

This design is made with red glossy beads and white matte beads are sewn into this design to form wearable art. There is no lining aa the bag is all beads.

These are new, vintage bags, i.e. purchased at the turn of the century and unused.

This bag dresses up an evening outfit and is quite unique to carry with jeans.

Approximate Dimensions: Bag 6.5" L X 4.5" W - From Top of Strap to bottom of bag is 25"

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