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African Carved Gourd-Blue Monkey Balls Decorative Art Balls Vintage

$ 17.00

These gourds are the fruit of the Strychnos Spinosa Tree also referred to as Spiny-Monkey Orange or Green Monkey Orange and it’s a favored meal among monkeys and other animals. Harvesting the trees provides employment for the villagers and prevents the trees from being cut for firewood.

The fruit is dried and decorated in many ways including hand-carving, hand-painted or both.

These Blue Monkey Balls are carved and painted, whereas the brown are natural in color and unpainted, only carved.

These decorative gourd art ball accessories will add an interesting touch to your decor in quantity or with only a few in a bowl or basket.

I have only heard these balls referred to as as Monkey Balls while in Africa, but there are some, who call them Monkey Apples or Monkey Oranges.

As the seeds are still inside, many of the Monkey Balls make a musical sound when shaken; sometimes the seeds are lodged together into one large seed and the sound is softer or there’s no sound at all.

As each ball is uniquely hand-carved the design varies and you will receive balls within the design category shown in the photos if not the actual ones shown.

Sizes vary, small, medium and large as the fruit comes in various sizes. See separate listings to purchase a different size.

This item is fragile for shipping and a lot of packing has to be used which makes the packaging a little larger and the price of shipping a little more. It's more than worth it when you receive the item.

Approximate Dimensions: 3"H X 10"-12" Circumference

Price is for 1 Monkey Ball

Bowl Not Included

Shipping Discounts Available for Multiple Balls

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