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African Ceremonial Serving Basket 20.5"D X 4"H Handcrafted in Ghana

$ 225.00

Handcrafted in Ghana, this very large, vintage, open, curved, basket was used for ceremonial serving, and can be used as a fruit basket. The coils are much larger and thicker than those found in the Ghana market baskets. This basket shows very little signs of use. The natural grass fiber has been enhanced by the coloring using burgundy, green, teal and purple, to make the design.

The curved sides of this bowl/tray will hold the fruit or delicacy being served. This basket also makes a great fruit bowl and a beautiful centerpiece. It is also used to protect food when it is turned over.

The first two photos show the open basket in its serving position, the last photo shows the basket upside down

it can be washed by wetting in cool water. This item was rinsed with a hose the day before the photo was taken.

Approximate Dimensions: 20.5"D X 4"H

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