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African Chokwe Female Mask Braided Coiffure from Congo DRC

$ 1,320.00

Handcrafted in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, this vintage, mid-20th century Mask is an idealized conception of female Chokwe beauty. It is crafted using hand-carved wood with Raphia and other vegetable fibers use for the feminine braided twist coiffure. The filing of the teeth, tattoos and scarification as represented in this unique mask also personifies the beauty of the Chokwe woman. The braided "hair" is firm and secure. There is a rich patina on this ceremonial mask from years of handling. Each side has 4 holes so that mask can be secured to the wearer.

Approximate Dimensions are 8.5" H X 6" W - With the Stand it stands 12.5" from the bottom of the stand to the top of the mask.

The wooden stand was made just for this mask, and is included in the price.

Stand Dimensions: 8" L X 8" W X 1.5" H

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