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African Clay Vase 15" H X 11" W X 36" C Vintage Handcrafted South Africa

$ 425.00

Handcrafted in the Northern Province of South Africa, this large vase is made by a group of Tsonga and Pedi people working together for the continuation and economic longevity of their tribal culture. The design on this vessel is the same traditional design on the clay houses in the area. Although these designs have been threatened by the use of cement in building this group of artisans are working to be sure that their cultural heritage continues through this work and through the two tribes working together.

This is a one of a kind work of art made by etching designs with chisels, spoons, quills, wire, seed pods and/or sticks providing a 3 dimensional effect. Handwork and/or potters wheels are used for shaping the vessel and the final form seems to decide itself through the hands of the artist.

Extreme care and professional packing is used in shipping this item; if there is an overage in shipping and handling costs, the overage will be refunded to customer.

Approximate Dimensions:

15" Height X 11" Width X 36" Circumference

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