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African Copper Art Fisherman In the Reeds With His Catch - Congo 15.75" X 22.75"

$ 650.00

Fisherman Rushing Through The Reeds With His Catch

This intricate realistic work copper relief of art is handcrafted in the Democratic Republic of the Congo where copper is abundant., and shows great detail of the Fisherman with his catch, his fishing pole and spear, his knife, jewelry and gourd. The copper, gold and bronze colors interact to make this a beautifully visual work of art.

Large sheets of copper are flattened so that the artist has a base to draw the image on; the copper images are then hammered and fired until the art is clear and complete, The sheets of copper have scratches and/or indentations which the artist works around and it becomes a part of the art.

Each artist shows an aspect of daily life in the Congo that is important to the artist.

These 3 dimensional copper works of art can be framed or placed on an easel.

The last photo in this listing shows framed copper as an example only; it is no longer available.

Approximate Dimensions: 15.75" W X 22.75" Height

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