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African Copper Art Beautiful Woman Gathering Fish in River 16" X 23" Congo D.R.C.

$ 325.00

Vintage and handcrafted in the Congo D.R.C., this 3 dimensional hammered work of art shows daily life as seen by the artist, as in this picture of a tribal woman gathering fish in a basket while in the river.

Copper art is popular in the Congo, due to the abundance of it in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Large sheets of copper from the mines are flattened so that the artist has a base to draw the image on; the copper images are then hammered until the art is clear and complete.The sheets of copper have scratches and/or indentations which the artist works around and makes it a part of the art.

Placing on an easel or framing the copper will add beauty and a touch of Africa to your home. The third photo shows another copper art sheet from the Congo that has been matted before framing, as an example for you of how it can look.

Approximate Dimensions: 16" H X 23" W

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