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African Fabric 10 Yards Waxed Blue, Gold, Red, Green

$ 339.00

This luxurious 9.77 yard African fabric is 46" Width. 100% Cotton

I purchase all of my fabrics while in Africa. We do not cut fabric; it comes just as it was purchased. Some fabrics as the one shown here are more than 6 yards. The fabric shown is 9.77 yards, and I've rounded it off to 10 yards.

The wax process design is on both sides of this authentic fabric making it reversible.

One 6 yard fabric can be used to wrap as a traditional African Wrap Dress which can be wrapped and worn without any sewing. This fabric is top quality for home decor; I've made ottomans, pillows, duvet covers. Designers have purchased this fabric for many projects, including handbags and accessories as well as home decor.

This Fabric is Authentic and due to the wax process the design is on both sides, making it reversible.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

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