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African Imfibinga Necklace/Job'sTears Seed Necklace Natural Gray with Bead Closure

$ 89.00

African Beaded Imfibinga Necklace/Job's Tears Necklace, Handmade in South Africa by women of the Zulu Tribe. This multi-strand necklace is made using natural Imfibinga Seeds intricately woven onto a beautifully basket-weave beaded closure/clasp

The Imfibinga beads are cool to the touch and have been used by Zulu women to sooth teething babies for generations. Also referred to as Zulu Teething Beads, River Beads, and in other parts of the world as Job's Tears.

As each necklace is handmade, and the beads are as they are found in nature, there will be slight differences, as shown in the photos. The woven beaded closure colors identify the necklace length.

This statement necklace looks fabulous on as you carry a touch of Africa with you.

Approximate Length: 26" With Graphite Closure as Shown in Photo

Approximate Length: 21-22"" With Crystal White Beaded Closure

Approximate Length 23-24": With White Beaded Closure
Shipped in a Gift Box

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