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African Knobkiere War Hunting Club Hand-Carved & Beaded

$ 129.00

This African hand-carved beaded Knobkiere is traditionally used as a war club and in hunting by Zulu tribesmen. As a war club, it is usually accompanied by a Zulu shield and spear with the shield protecting the warrior while the club is used against the enemy or as in hunting, the prey.

This Knobkiere is carved from wood thick enough for the club and then whittled down to form the shape of the handle or shaft. In more recent times, the Zulu woman beads the shaft in traditional Zulu colors. It is often used in ceremonies and there is an opening carved in the top with a hide string looped through for hanging the club.

This Knobkiere is vintage although made in a time when the shaft is decorated with beads and animal hair.

Approximate Dimensions:  32"

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