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African Kuba King Mukenge Helmet Mask Congo DRC

This mask with it's elephant trunk, raffia beard, cowrie shells, beads and geometric patterns represents the power of the Kuba King Mukenge. These masks are not only revered as a piece of history and works of art, they are used for dancing in ritualized ceremonies honoring and portraying the origins of the Kuba Kingdom. The legend of  the Kuba King, Mwaash/Woot the first Kuba King is that all Kuba descended from him.  Mwaash married his sister who represents both the wife and sister of the King and the object of his brother, Mboma desire to own and grab the power from Mwaash.

The Kuba King a royal mask trilogy which includes Mboma or Bwoom the brother of the King and Ngadia Mwash, the Kuba Queen. The Mboma, a commoner, is fighting the King for the Kingdom and the Kuba Queen.

This mask has been well preserved.

The Kuba Tribe is the Kasai region of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, formerly Zaire.





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