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African Makonde Raw Ebony Wood Carved Sculpture Tribal Bust Ashtray - Tanzania

$ 139.00

This vintage work of art has been intricately carved by an Makonde tribal carver out of Mpingo or Black Wood Tree incorporating traditional and contemporary methods leaving only a part of the sculpture with the raw wood. The vital center of the ashtray carried on top of the bust is also polished.

African Mpingo, Ebony Wood or African Black Wood, one of the most expensive wood products in the world, is extremely dense and has a rich sheen when polished, as seen in this handcrafted bust and ashtray.

Yes, there is a second ashtray in the photo and as I'm not sure why I placed it in the photo, it''s included.

Approximate Dimensions: 8.5" H X 5" W X 4.75" Depth

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