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African Malachite and Bronze Chess Set Authentic Rare Circular Vintage 11"D X 32.5"C

$ 660.00

Handcrafted in the Congo, D.R.C., this authentic, rare, vintage,Malachite, Marble and Bronze Chess Set has most of the pieces intact. Although not set up properly for playing, the pieces are placed here for your viewing and are included in this listing. There are 15 green pieces (2 broken) and 10 white (2 broken). The 4 broken chess pieces are shown in the photo; they're broken cleanly and can be repaired.

The richness of the malachite contrasted with the marble and surrounded by brass is typical of the area and the time that this board, passed down in one family in Lubumbashi, was made

Approximate Dimensions of Board:
11.00" Diameter
35.50" Circumference
.25" Height

Colors: Malachite Green, White, Bronze

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