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African Pottery Venda Lemba Pot - South Africa

Handcrafted in the Limpopo Province of South Africa, I purchased all Venda Tribal items from one Venda family. This pot is shown on an iron stand and also stands alone, though rounded at the bottom.

The design of this vintage water pot is accented with fabric, beads and cowrie shells. It is used for water storage and as a rain pot. It, along with all of my other Venda Tribal art has been in either my store or my home for over 15 years. One photo shows the Lemba Pot with large Venda vases.

In the second photo the Lemba Pot is between a 35" high Venda Vase and a 49" High Venda Vase.

Stand included at no additional charge.

Shipping is to the U.S. and Canada only due the shipping costs and additional packing costs as I use a professional shipper for packing large, fragile items.

Approximate Dimensions: 18"H X 59" C; Opening at Top 9" D

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