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African Shona Sculpture Serpentine Stone 14"H X 5"W Vintage Zimbabwe Art

$ 420.00

I was introduced to and purchased this vintage sculpture of The Elder while in Zimbabwe. It is an example of the intricate and beautiful work of the Shona artists and the details captured in stone.

Serpentine stone is a variety of soapstone found and worked in Zimbabwe by many amazing artists many of whom are self-taught.

Some artists have said it is the spiritual blessing of the ancestors that lead them to the stone and to the final sculpture form. This final form doesn't come easily, as the artist often travels far distances to obtain just the right stone that calls to him. The artist then has to dig the stone up and transport it. However, that's never a problem because there is always a community of sculptors who assist each other.

Although some of the Shona art is abstract, this sculpture is an example of traditional Zimbabwean sculpture showing intricate details of the face, body, pot and garments of The Elder.

This sculpture is mid-20th century, in beautiful condition. Imperfections in the stone are shown in the photo, but are there really imperfections in natural stone.

Approximate Dimensions and Weight: 14" H X 4" W X 5" L - Weight: 9.2 lbs.

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