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African Tapestry/Tablecloth Falling Leaves South Africa 58" X 58"

$ 249.00

Vintage African Tapestry/Tablecloth in multi-colored earth, sun and sky colors framed with a black border. Watching the leaves seemingly falling from the sky above, is a calm and peaceful setting.

I met a very talented Xhosa artist in South Africa and this is her work. I met her while visiting an interesting local entity run by non-Africans. This artist was in a backroom, doing the work, although the credit was being given to someone else as the artist (not unusual at all). All of the work by this artist is hand painted on a thick cotton fabric that has lasted and continues to last. All of her work is vintage-new, as in they've never been used.

The fabric is 100% cotton, but it's difficult to tell that it's only cotton because of the layers of paint and the method these textiles are made using porridge and other traditional organics in a way that some countries use wax.

I always purchase in quantity because the purpose is not to purchase art, but it is my way of contributing what is needed by the artisan to start or continue their business, and the artist is contributing her talent and knowledge of art and African textiles to me.

While in South Africa, I found that all of the artisans I met, who made tablecloths or tapestries, also made matching pillows/cushion covers. You will see some the pillows in the African Tribal Pillow section of this shop.

If you are drawn to this style of work; you will love the other limited amounts of work handcrafted by this Xhosa artist.

Approximate Dimensions: 58" X 58"

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