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African Telephone Wire Bowl Zulu Basket Black White Orange- 14"D X 4"H

$ 129.00

Handcrafted in Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa, Zulu bowls, pots and baskets were traditionally crafted of clay, Ilala palm grass and other natural materials. With the advent of telephone wire entering, the Zulu people began using traditional weaving skills to make this telephone wire beautiful art.

This Black, White and Orange Woven Bowl, is used for salad, fruit, bread and more. These bowls are perfect for inside or outside use, and can be hand-washed with soap and water. The patina becomes better with time.

One story I was told when in South Africa, was that when Zulu men were hired as guards at the Telephone Company, they began to wrap their batons with telephone wire as well as bringing extra wire home for weaving.

In addition to the bowls and plates woven by hand, the telephone wire is used to cover bottles, weapons, cutlery, as well as making jewelry and any other artistic manner the Zulu people find, as they put art in every part of their life.

Approximate Dimensions: 14" D X 4" H

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