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African Tribal Vase Tebvu Mulapfa Standing Pot Venda/Lemba People South Africa 35"H X 26"W X 64"C

$ 3,288.00

TEBVU MULAPFA POT Handcrafted in the Limpopo Province of South Africa, I purchased all Venda Tribal Collection from one Venda/Lemba family, who provided me with the history of this pot very unique, and rare, standing pot.

This storage container, is used to store and hide a special maize (corn) for the next season. It is believed that this rich, dark, terracotta colored maize is unique to their village, so they want to protect it. As always, though an object in Africa is used for utilitarian purposes, it is made with beauty and the identification of the family or village.

Approximate Dimensions: 35"Height X 64"Circumference; Opening at Top 13"Diameter Width 26" Depth 24"

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