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African Zulu Meat Platter Wood Carved Antique South Africa

Traditional Wood Carved Zulu Ugqoko, is a rectangular platter with rounded edges and square handles; this vintage platter is very sleek when sitting in it's natural position on the four rectangular legs or columns ready to serve. As each meat platter design is unique to an area or family it is easily recognizable by it's design when hanging on the fence waiting to be filled with succulent meat.  

The rich patina on the bottom and handles of the platter are obtained by the constant saturation of fat for roasting meat. Platters that have been used for some time will have scraping and cutting marks from the cutting of the meat.

This tribal meat platter is used to carry, cook and serve meat, especially during rituals and ceremonial feasts. There is still a very smoky smell on the wood. Hand crafted in Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa, this is a 1950's era platter.

Approximate Dimensions: 34" L X 11" W X 3" H

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