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Aggrey Bodom Recycled African Trade Bead Necklace - Rare Antique Handcrafted in Ghana

This rare Aggrey Bodom String of Beads consists of 78 Multicolored Beads with colors of red, blue, white, green and yellow in many variations of the colors, and are recycled using ground and crushed antique beads. The beads graduate in size from approximately two inches to four inches circumference with the largest beads in the center bottom of the necklace.

According to the artist these beads were made in the late 20th century by grinding antique trade beads and materials that had actually been used for as he says "high people", such as kings and queens. These beads can no longer be made as the antique materials/beads are no longer available.

Approximate Size of Each Bead is 2" - 4" C Necklace Length 38.5""

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