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Akoso Bodom African Beads - Authentic Antique Handcrafted in Ghana

This Akoso Bodom String of Beads consists of 25 Beads with the dominant color of yellow with black, red and blue green.

The Akoso Bodom beads are usually reserved for and worn by kings, queens and members of the royal family.

In the African tradition of recycling, re-using, and not wasting, antique powder glass beads were ground and reformed into these beautiful beads by one of Ghana's premier bead artists. Following this tradition, these beads were made for use in the 20th century. I made this purchase directly from the bead artist, who advised that these beads can no longer be made because there are no more antique beads to use as material.

The strand of 25 beads are for sale at the price listed of $8,750 or you may purchase each bead for $350 per with a minimum purchase of two beads (please see separate listing for the two bead purchase). The same string of beads appears in this listing and the listing that allows you to purchase 2 beads at a time. One listing will be removed when a purchase is made from the other.

Approximate Size of Each Bead 4" C Necklace Length 33"

Beads are similar and if your order is for less than the entire strand, beads will be taken from this string of 25 for your order.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions

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