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Vintage African Tsonga & Pedi Tribal Clay Pot Handcrafted in South Africa

$ 104.00

Handcrafted in the Limpopo Province of South Africa, this vintage Pot is made by a cooperative of Tsonga and Pedi people, who are working together for economic development and the stability of their communities.

The designs have elements of traditional patterns of both cultures and show the presence of respect and admiration between the cultures, which make them symbols of peace and as such, they are called Peace Pottery.  I'm told the pots are based on the original Khoikhoi people, one of the oldest groups in Southern Africa.

The 3 handles/lugs on the pot were made so that the pot could be tied onto animals for travel.

Approximate Dimensions:

5.25" Height X 5.5" Width X 18" Circumference Top Opening: 3" Diameter

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