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African Sadza Batik Tapestry Geometric Abstract Elephant

$ 159.00

This vintage batik is handmade in Zimbabwe using traditional natural dyes and fabrics bringing elements of the earth as well as elephant, fish, abstract birds and geometric tribal designs. It is encased within a black and white abstract border that highlights the beauty of the work.

The symbols and images throughout the traditional Zimbabwe Batik, show the individual artist's perception of art and their environment.

What makes the batiks in my shop unique is that they are one of a kind and totally the vision of the artist. There may be a similar one but no two are alike. This happens because in Zimbabwe, I have always purchased from a family who makes these batiks in their backyard, unlike many of the present day batiks that come from business where the owner directs the artists to make many of the same items and to use new methods for uniformity. Those items are also interesting, but I prefer the traditional methods and each artisan's unique touch, as well as being able to pay a family directly for their unique artisan works of art.

This Batik is 100% Cotton and can be safely washed.

The beautiful item looks great as a wall hanging, tapestry, bedspread or any interesting use you may have for it.

Approximate Dimensions 59" W X 78" L

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