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Vintage African Kuba Shoowa Ceremonial Cloth - Handwoven in the Congo DRC

$ 119.00

Vintage - 20th Century Kuba Shoowa Cloth - Handwoven in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Shoowa Cloth which once was used as currency, is often given as lobola (part of the dowry payment to the family of the bride), in special ceremonies, as chair or floor coverings and as symbols of wealth.

This intricately designed, plush cloth, is made by the Shoowa people, a part of the Kuba tribal group. It is handmade by the women, and the patterns and design comesdirectly from the individual artist without any patterns or pre-drawing. It is said that the Shoowa use at least two-thirds of the known geometric patterns.

Shoowa Cloth is sometimes referred to as Kasai Velvet because of the velvety texture and the Kasai Region of the Congo that they are made in. The Shoowa Cloth is often framed or made into beautiful pillows or just used as a decorative accessory.

The condition is excellent. This is not one of the newer easier to make cloths. This is all one piece and any sudden design change is a part of the individual artist's work.

Approximate Dimensions: 22" X 19.5"

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