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Vintage African Malachite Bronze Round Box/Pedestal 4.5"D X 2"H 14.5" C Handcrafted Congo D.R.C.

$ 219.00

Vintage African Malachite Bronze Round Box/Pedestal. THE LAST PHOTO SHOWS A DIFFERENT BOX TO SHOW HOW THE BOX IN THE LISTING SHOULD OPEN. I HAVE NOT BEEN ABLE TO OPEN IT. Could this be a treasure? The markings for the opening are on the box.

The healing properties of Malachite, and this work of art is no different.

Handcrafted in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (formerly, Zaire), where Malachite and Copper are abundant. A vintage cylinder shaped jewelry box of this type is a rare find. This meticulously cared for Vintage Malachite Jewelry Box, is polished and inlaid with Bronze.

Approximate Dimensions: 4.5" D X 2" H D X 14.5" C

Approximate Weight: 1 lb 5 oz.

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