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Vintage Beaded African Tribal Stick Doll Female Red/Black Beads Carved Ebony Wood and Bronze 22" H

$ 175.00

Hand crafted in the Congo D.R.C., this rare doll is beaded by hand and accented with bronze/brass earrings and body jewelry. When I asked why the female had a weapon, I was told the item in her hand is a tool used by both men and women. The tool fits into the opening at the top of the hands and is wrapped separately so that it doesn't break during shipping. When it is in it's proper home it can either be glued or just fitted in the hands as in the photo.

Item is in very good condition with some a few loose beads and little wearing of paint.

These dolls can be used in many ways; I've framed mine in a shadow box.


Approximate Dimensions Height 22" Including Base
Base: 2.25" X 2.25"

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