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Vintage Ukhamba African Clay Beer Pot Zulu Tribal Ceremonial 2 South Africa

$ 760.00

Zulu Tribal Clay Beer Pot, Ukhamba is made for brewing, drinking and the ceremonial serving of beer. This can be either a social or spiritual event for the traditional sorghum beer popular in the Zulu Culture of South Africa.

The making and use of pottery by the Zulu people reached a higher level due to the feeding of large groups of people and having to respect the ancestors by using traditional utensils made of familiar materials. Although it was more traditional to use baskets as they were easier to store and during travel on military campaigns, there was no concern about the basket breaking.

Once the Zulu nation became concentrated into large regimental kraals under Shaka Zulu, there was the need to feed more people, to have larger pots and to make them heavy enough that enemies could not walk off with their supplies.

This pot was passed down from one clan and can be traced to the 1940's.

The pots are often covered with a grass Imbengi (cover) that is used to keep bugs and dirt out of the beer. You will see the Imbengi/Zulu Beer Cover in other listings in this shop.

Approximate Dimensions: 5"H X 7"W X 17.5"C
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