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Vintage Zulu Open Basket Isiquabetho 28"DX10"HX93"C

$ 1,875.00


The Isiquabetho basket is a large basin shaped basket used for carrying grain, and this unique basket greatly represents the work lovingly put into all of the Zulu art, as art is a part of life in the African culture. The individual identity of the object made for the family and the identity of the individual artist or region can usually be identified in the end product.

The Zulu women in the rural areas have made an industry and living for their families while their husbands go to town to work. It was on of these fabulous women whom I met in Kwa-Zulu Natal (Zululand), that introduced me to her basket making, to the area and to other Zulu artists.

Zulu Baskets are an integral part of Zulu culture, Now, as works of art, these highly valued collectible baskets are used for special ceremonies, given as gifts to family , special friends or dignitaries.

The Isiquabetho basket can be used for decorative or utilitarian purposes, such as fruit bowls. The Isiquabetho shown here can sit alone, on a stand or at an angle to show even more of the beauty, as seen in the photo.

Handcrafted of Ilala Palm in Kwa-Zulu Natal, each basket is uniquely and lovingly hand-stitched, and represents the dignity, elegance and beauty of the rich Zulu Culture.

This Authentic Vintage Zulu Basket is a collectible art form. Notice the intricate work and design detail in this beautiful one-of-a-kind Basket.

The first two photos show the actual colors of the basket; my next two photos aren't quite as good.


Approx. Dimensions: 28" D X 10" H X 93" C

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