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Zulu Imbenge Beer Pot Cover Beads and Mirror

Vintage Handwoven Bead and Mirror Cover for Zulu Beer Pot - Handmade in South Africa

This Zulu Imbenge Beer Pot Cover is tightly woven using grass and Ilala Palm leaves found in Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa, and is covered with intricately woven and sewn beads ending in a mirror in the center.

This traditional Beer Pot Cover tops the Beer Pot (Ukhamba) to keep dust and insects out of the homemade sorghum beer as shown in the last photo.

The first two photos show the front and back of the Imbenge in this listing; third photo with Beer Pot and cover is used as an example only, it is not the same cover as in this listing and is not included in this listing price.

Beer Pot/Ukhamba Not Included

Approximate Dimensions of Imbenge: 2.25" H X 8" D

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